Samdech CHEA SIM,

President of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia


        President of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia Samdech CHEA SIM- at the inauguration ceremony of new facilities on October 05, 2001- addressed: << This huge and modernized library building is the center of knowledge consisted of documents which will be used by members and officials of the Senate. Furthermore, this library will be opened to welcome the general public, civil servant from all institution and ministries, students, teachers and scholars who will utilize it to develop their knowledge and researches according to their need. This library will contribute to the government’s policy of human resources development, and will also promote the working capacity of the Senate officials who will be the permanent support staff of the Senate for this and the following term>>. This library donated by the Government of the People’s Republic of China to the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia is consisted of 1790 square meters and two stories. The ground is reserved for English and Khmer books, magazines, Newspaper, and Internet and the first floor for French books.

      This library is officially opened on 05 October 2001 by Samdech CHEA SIM, President of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The library consists of books list and was preparing to insert author name, title and books’ codes into the CDS/ISIS computer program in order to facilitate for general public readers to searching expression documents.

       The library of the Senate is available of bulletin, magazines, Newspaper in Khmer. English and French more than 60 title for providing benefits of general public readers.