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The SENATE of the Kingdom of Cambodia, represented by Mr. Oum Sarith, Secretary General,

THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of the Kingdom of Cambodia, represented by Mr. Kol Pheng, Secretary General,

THE INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION (IPU), represented by Mr. Anders B. Johnsson, Secretary General.


Article 1.- The purpose of this Agreement is to provide for assistance to the 2 Houses of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Cambodia with a view to contributing to a more efficient operation of the two Houses and ensuring that parliamentarians can carry out their tasks of law- making and monitoring government.

Article 2.- For the purposes of Article 1, a project of assistance shall be implemented. A copy of the related project document is annexed to the present agreement and shall be an integral part thereof.

The project is intended to enable the two Houses to adopt rules of procedure that are adapted to the new institutional situation, staff regulations defining the status of staff and bring the organisational structures in line with those of modern parliaments. It shall also provide Members of Parliament with highly qualified staff well versed in the operation of new technologies and who are outward looking. Furthermore, the programme shall provide Members with a better understanding of their role and functions.


Article 3.- The total amount covered by this agreement shall be US$ 150 000 and shall be funded under the IPU/UNDP Parliamentary Support Programme. The corresponding budget shall be managed by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in co-operation with the Parliament.


Article 4.- The Inter-Parliamentary Union undertakes to cover the costs of the following services and activities:

The budget for these services and activities shall be as provided for in the annexed project document.

Article 5.-

(a) The Senate and the National Assembly undertake to appoint 1 and 2 representatives respectively to the project management committee referred to in the project document. This committee shall be responsible for preparation of work plans and local logistical arrangements for the implementation of the project activities in co-operation with the IPU. The operational costs of the committee (mainly telephone and fax costs) shall be borne by the National Assembly. One of the representatives appointed by the National Assembly shall serve as project co-ordinator. (S)he shall submit to the IPU six-monthly reports and shall keep the UNDP Resident Representative in Phnom Penh regularly informed of progress in the implementation of the project.

(b) The Senate and National Assembly undertake to release the staff selected to undergo training under the project to enable them to follow such training in-country and abroad as the case may be. To this end, they shall free the said staff from all responsibilities during the hours set aside for the training. Moreover, they undertake to continue to pay the salaries of such staff for the duration of such training and to continue to employ such staff at the end of their training.

(c) The Senate and National Assembly undertake to retain the 10 Cambodian legislative specialists recruited under the project upon the expiry thereof. For this purpose, they shall make the necessary adjustments in their budgets in order to provide the said staff with the terms of service commensurate with the staff rules and regulations governing staff of equivalent category and grade.

(c) The Senate and the National Assembly undertake to provide the following services:

Provide the venue and other logistical facilities for the seminars foreseen in the programme;

Provide assistance in securing visas and/or residence authorisations for foreign personnel identified and recruited to assist in the implementation of the project; locating accommodation for such personnel; airport assistance, routine translations and interpretation services as may be required; car transportation within Phnom Penh for all visiting missions under the project.

Article 6.- The Inter-Parliamentary Union may suspend its assistance should the Senate and the National Assembly fail to fulfil their obligations under this Agreement.


Article 7.- This Agreement shall take effect as from the date of its signature and shall remain in force for a duration of 15 months.

Article 8. - Any other provision not foreseen by this Agreement shall give rise to an amendment following consultations between the parties.

Article 10.- Any dispute arising from the interpretation, implementation or breach of this Agreement shall be brought before the courts of Phnom Penh or Geneva, after all attempts at an out-of-court settlement have failed.

Article 11.- This Agreement shall be signed in 6 copies.

Done in Phnom Penh on 24 October 2000

For the Inter-Parliamentary Union For the Senate of Cambodia,

For the National Assembly of Cambodia

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